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Our Give Initiative

At New Earth, Giving Is At The Heart
Of Everything We Do.

Over the years, through projects initiated by both our home office team and teams of our Associates, we have provided our whole superfood products to children, adults, and animals in need, including natural disaster survivors, overseas troops in war zones, and a wide range of communities throughout North America and around the world.

And we're just getting started. Through our revolutionary GIVE product line, together we are tapping the tremendous power of home-based business to create an explosion of people who aspire to do good and do well at the same time...
A New Generation Of Go-Getters And Go-Givers Offering Others The Gifts Of Hope, Health,
And Freedom.

Our Give Products

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: create a line of products, especially designed to supply optimal natural nutrition to those in the greatest need. Make them so convenient and delicious that anyone can eat them, at any age and under any circumstances. And finally, make them commissionable - so that Associates can purchase them every month and use the volume to build their business while simultaneously helping to feed the world.

That idea led to the development of our flagship GIVE product: The Square Meal, a delicious instant breakfast cereal mix that delivers superior nutrition and a full complement of daily vitamins, along with a serving of Wild Bluegreen™ Algae.

Our Give Initiatives...
Philanthropic Projects Around The World

New Earth's GIVE initiatives are more than projects to end hunger and malnutrition. As much as we seek to feed the hungry, we are even more passionate about empowering those in need - helping people to fish, rather than simply giving them a fish. Our projects are driven by the goal of having a positive, sustainable impact on people's lives through initiatives for personal and local economic growth, and nourishing them on every level. Here are a few of the GIVE initiatives we and our Associates have been supporting, through both nutritional and financial contribution.

Four Children

Feeding America
As a corporate donor, New Earth collaborates with Feeding America in its mission to feed the nation's millions of hungry children. New Earth Associates partner directly by purchasing our GIVE products, which are delivered through a network of food banks directly to hungry Americans nationwide.

Only A Child (Guatemala)
A shelter and carpentry shop for disenfranchised youth in Guatemala City, Only a Child also provides a surrogate family where the kids are cared for and respected, taught accountability and responsibility, and grow into confident and capable adults.

Two kids hugging

Dr. Theresa Kohen Foundation (The Philippines)
Founded on the historical location of a leper colony on Culion Island, Palawan; the Foundation serves the Culion children through education and empowerment and advocates for the less fortunate members of the community.

Marta's House (Klamath Crisis Center)
The Klamath Crisis Center supports survivors of sexual assault and works to mitigate the causes of oppression and domestic violence. In 1998 one of New Earth's founders donated a beautiful home to be transformed into a women's and children's shelter, and the company continues to support the project.

Two women

Bhatkal Women's Center (India)
Founded by the owners of New Earth in 2010, the Bhatkal Women's Center was built to provide the more than 40,000 women of this village community with a safe environment where they can come to learn, teach, and express ideas to become more empowered.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary
The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues and cares for captive large carnivores who have been abused, abandoned, or exploited, and provides education about causes of and solutions to the captive wildlife crisis.


All Creatures Sanctuary
The All Creatures Sanctuary houses and takes care of creatures in crisis, including wildlife, exotic, and farm animals that have suffered permanent impairment.

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"I use the products daily for myself, my animal patients, and their owners. I am very thankful I was introduced to them."
- Madalyn Ward, Veterinarian
Austin, TX

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