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Our products are your
products, if you want to:

  • Replace formulated supplements
  • Improve coat condition
  • Naturally support muscle maintenance and growth
  • Improve disposition,calmness, poise, focus, concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Support reproduction
  • Improve skin, eye, respiratory health
  • Increase energy/endurance/high performance
  • Support blood and liver health and assists body with cleansing of toxins

Why? Because of what's in there...

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I have a 14 year old German Shepherd. According to my vet that is 87 in people years. About 6 months ago she had chronic diarrhea. The vet was recommending some drug to control this but in passing he mentioned if that didn´t work we could try enzymes. "Enzymes?" I asked. Yes he said he´d heard they might help. Naturally I told him I´d do the enzymes first and of course our enzymes have solved the problem.
- Cathy Corl
Kalb, Illinois

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