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"Discover The Fullness of Life."

Most of us lead stressed-out lives. How often do we pass up opportunities to be generous with our time because this would infringe on our already overloaded schedules? Yet nothing in our society is valued more--not gifts of money, presents, or honors. The gifts we all appreciate most is the gift of health and time for ourselves.

Are there times in your life when you say to a friend or family member, I don´t have time to go with you today or I´m not feeling well, maybe next week we´ll do something? Would you like to find more time for yourself and others in your life.

My life is very active, I love to garden and grow fresh vegetables. There is nothing that can top fresh steamed vegetables or a garden salad. I enjoy reading positive books and listening to piano music. I learned to golf and this takes a big part of my already busy schedule. Still it is important to find balance in our lives. Take time to work, take time to play and please take time to rest.

I used to work 40 hours a week for wages as a black jack dealer, this is not a very rewarding job. I work my nutritional business out of my home. I work for myself but not by myself. I´m building a very rewarding business by helping others to take charge of their own health and their financial independence.

I´m working extra hard now to build a strong foundation for my business. I´m doing this for My Retirement, My Family, My Grandchildren and for My Future. Much more rewarding than dealing cards. By helping one person along life’s way, I will be able to touch many lives. I feel I´m doing something positive for mankind and future generations.

This brings me to the next part of a journey I call "Life a road well traveled" and meant to be enjoyed along the way. I was able to stop working for wages on my birthday in 2005 and now I´m able to work with whom I want and when I want. Time goes by way too quickly to wish you would have done something different with your time and talents. I´m so thankful I moved past the Fear of having my own home business and moved closer to my dreams.

Would you like to know more about my journey? Would you like to have more time freedom for the things you want to do and share with other´s in your life? I am here to share this opportunity with you so you too can find the gift of health and time for yourself and your family. Please check out my business opportunity and contact me with any questions you would like answered.

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